Who pays for the damage from extreme weather?

Overflight in Sena Madureira under Flood, Acre, Brazil, © Alexandre Noronha / Greenpeace

Most of us can agree that it is not fair for those least responsible to pay the biggest price; but the reality is that the biggest polluters are currently paying NOTHING towards the costs of increasingly severe extreme weather events that are destroying millions of lives and homes.

The oil and gas industry poisons our atmosphere, and they have known for decades that their production is causing the climate crisis. Instead of addressing the issue, they covered it up. They did this to continue to make profits: Reportedly over US$2.8 billion[1] every day for the past 50 years.

Meanwhile, the cost to ordinary people of climate and weather events last year was estimated at a staggering US$300 billion![2] This is deeply unfair, but we can change it.

Governments have a duty to help people recover and survive the climate crisis. As we move towards a fossil fuel phase-out, it is crucial that governments stop new oil and gas projects and make the oil and gas corporations pay for the damage they’ve done.

It’s time to make the polluters pay. Sign now to hold the oil and gas corporations accountable, and support a safe and fair future for all.

More information:
[1] https://journals.aau.dk/index.php/sepm/article/view/7395/6295
[2] https://www.ajg.com/gallagherre/-/media/files/gallagher/gallagherre/news-and-insights/2024/january/natural-catastrophe-and-climate-report-2023.pdf

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We demand that fossil fuel companies must be forced to:

  • Stop their climate wrecking activities including their involvement in new fossil fuel projects.
  • Admit and apologise for their actions.
  • Repair and pay for the damage they have caused.